6 Celebrities Who’ve Had Bad Orange Fake Tan Disasters!

 These 6 celebrities all look like they were in a rush and piled on more fake tan than looked normal – creating that dreaded orange complexion that tells the world your an aspiring Oompa Loompa, er – or you just didn’t notice how orange you turned yourself. Some may have even thought they looked normal when they caught their reflection in the mirror, but once the flash of the camera went off their truly orange shade was caught in all of its glory. While a good fake tan can add a nice natural glow to pale skin, these celebrities look closer to radioactive and have clearly gone way too far with their application or have just picked a terrible product to apply. Check out their horrible fake tan disasters below!



Christina Aguilera


Brooke Hogan

Jessica Simpson
jessica simpson

Kelly Osbourne
kelly osbourne

Lindsay Lohan