6 Celebrities Photographed With Double Chins!

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The curse of the double chin: it makes these celebrities look like they’re suddenly overweight, even if it’s just an unflattering angle for them. Some have bloated a bit or perhaps did pack on a few extra pounds, while others just made a bad face the second the image was snapped! These 6 unflattering photos show these normally very attractive stars in a less attractive light – ¬†scrunching up their face and pulling back in to their neck, they’ve even created a double chin even if it isn’t normally naturally there. Unfortunately for some though, they’re stuck with a double chin more permanently and have sagging chin syndrome, bloated day or not!

Boy George


Christina Aguilera
Christina Aguilera visits EXTRA At The Grove

Keanu Reeves

Mischa Barton

Simon Cowell

Vince Vaughn
vince vaughn