6 Celebrities Who Own Lamborghinis

Posted by PZ on September 26th, 2013

Buying themselves a slice of flashy luxury, these 6 celebrities all own Lamborghinis. Cruising around in their instantly recognizable sports car, this isn’t a good idea for those hoping to avoid the paparazzi, as one of these automobiles is likely to draw a considerable amount of attention! Obviously super expensive and plush, these cars are decked out with a beautiful paint job, state of the art interiors and much more – probably a great music system too! Some have added some customization or personalization to theirs, while others have kept it simple and classy with just a black or silver paint job.

50 Cent

50 cent

Chris Brown
Brown pumps iron


Justin Bieber
justin bieber

Kanye West
kanye west

Kim Kardashian

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