5 Top Tips for Shiny, Healthy Hair

We all want shiny, healthy hair like the flawless locks celebrities flaunt on the red carpet. Here are 5 top tips to help you recreate that star look. Put the bounce and vitality back in to your tired mane with these simple to follow tips that will give you strength and shine. 

  1. Switch Your Brush for a Comb

A comb breaks less hairs as it runs through your hair. Choose a wide-toothed comb if you would like to reduce breakage further. Alternatively, try out a detangle brush if you simply can’t part with having a brush.

  1. Deep Condition With a Hair Mask

Try to find the time to deep condition your locks at least once a week. Apply a nourishing hair mask and allow the product to sink in for several minutes before washing it off – you could always make a homemade hair mask recipe if you don’t want to splurge on a costly hair product. 

  1. Choose The Right Products for Your Hair Type

When purchasing new hair products, be sure to try to match the product with your hair type if at all possible – a moisture rich formula will help dry locks, while curls can be tamed with the right product so watch what you buy and try to suit your own needs.

  1. Protect Your Locks With Heat Spray

If you dry your hair with a hairdryer, or use curling thongs or hair straighteners, your hair may be left damaged by repeated exposure to heat. Keep your locks protected with a heat spray that will make sure your hair doesn’t end up dry or even singed.

  1. Try Protein Supplements

Build healthy hair with protein supplements which will help strengthen your hair and keep it healthy. Add vitamin tablets to aid your hair even further – a combination of the two will give you strong and healthy locks with great shine. Fish oils are also known to help aid growth.