5 Tips to Quickly Detox Your Skin, Hair & Body

With the New Year approaching, we all want to kick off in the best frame of mind possible, so a mini-detox is the perfect way to start it all off. Refresh your hair, skin and body with these 5 easy to follow steps that will make you feel great and leave you feeling positive about the year to come. 

  1. Hair

Hair often loses its body due to product build up that will leave you with a tired looking mane. Quickly banish any residue by mixing some baking soda up with a little water and rinsing your locks with the solution – you’ll be left with grease-free hair that will look and feel fresh.

  1. Sip Some Juice

Downing a super healthy juice will give you a big health boost and fill you up with some much-needed vitamins, making your skin glow and leaving you feeling rejuvenated and energetic. 

  1. Opt for a Makeup Free Day

Ditch makeup for a day or longer (if you can!) and allow your skin to breathe without any heavy foundation or cover. Your skin will thank you for some time off and it could even improve your complexion or reduce spots. 

  1. Go Vegan

5 Tips to Quickly Detox Your Skin, Hair & Body

Vegan food is ultra healthy and the rawer the better when it comes to chowing down! Change your diet and give it a go for a day or two, you might be surprised by how different you feel and it allows you to have fun in the kitchen too!

  1. Try Yoga

Detoxing is all about how you feel, and yoga aims to calm the mind and even help you get fit – it kills two birds with one stone and will help you feel amazing!