5 Stars Who Worked in Fastfood Restaurants Before Making it Big

Posted by PZ on July 15th, 2013

Taking on a job to earn some extra bucks, these 5 stars all had less than glamorous jobs before they made it big – they all worked in fastfood restaurants. Flipping burgers and serving up fries and extra large sodas, these celebrities worked at places such as McDonalds and Wendy’s during their teenage years before they became a celebrity and got their big break. Some say they really enjoyed it and thought the job was a fun way to earn cash while they were in school, while others say it was a darker time for them when they experimented with drugs or had other things going on. Some were fired pretty fast when it was discovered they just weren’t any good, while others worked for years at their local fastfood place before moving on.

Adam Levine


Adam landed a job at a fastfood joint but just couldn’t keep up with the fast pace: “I trained and then I got the job and then I kept getting my shifts filled, so I didn’t actually work there really. The manager took me in the back and said, ‘Hey man, you haven’t worked a day yet… You’re fired.’ I worked about three hours, screwed up about eight orders, got yelled at. I’m the worst waiter in the history of the world.”

Eva Longoria

Eva worked at Wendy’s as a teenager and still keeps in touch with the manager: “I loved it. And I still love them. They are an amazing organisation. I still keep in touch with my manager from when I was 14. They are just great to me. I wanted to have a quinceanera (15th birthday party), so I went to Wendy’s to work to pay for my own quinceanera. I stayed. I paid for my cheerleading and everything through that. It was like whatever you want to do outside of school, you have to pay for it. I never had a car because I was always trying to save.”


Pink says she used to work in McDonalds and was often on drugs during her time there: “I was horrible. I would open (the restaurant), because I’d be tripping on acid…and I would say, ‘Could I have bathroom duty?’ And I would sit in bathroom and watch the tiles.”

Rachel McAdams

Rachel worked in McDonalds for three years: “(I worked there) for a good three years. My sister and brother worked there. My sister was my manager. It was a great place to work, but I had a little bit of an Ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) thing with hand washing and just didn’t have time. They were like, ‘Hey, the drive-through’s backing up. Stop washing your hands!’ I was not a great employee; I broke the orange juice machine one day.”

Zoe Saldana

Zoe worked at Burger King until she realized she didn’t enjoy it anymore: ”When I was in my teens I had a job at Burger King, which I really enjoyed. Then one day I was in the middle of a transaction and realised I didn’t enjoy it any more. I said to the manager there and then, ‘Can you finish this?’ and quit. I planned to go to college to train as a dancer, but instead I joined a theatre troop in Brooklyn [New York] and little by little things started to happen. I wish I was the sort of person who has the strategic mindset of making plans and drawing up lists, but I’m not.”

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