5 Stars Who’ve Turned to Hypnotherapy for Help


Fergie went to hypnotherapy when battling a drug addiction: “I went to therapy. I still go. I need to. I went to Narcotics Anonymous. I went to Crystal Meth Anonymous. Hypnotherapy helped me a lot. I love it. The first time I went was hilarious. I told the doctor I didn’t want to do any of that hypnosis s**t; I just wanted regular therapy. The next time I went in I was biting my nails, so I told her I’d been biting my nails and wanted to try hypnotherapy. I went into the chair, and it was amazing. It completely worked.”

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten used hypnosis to quit smoking and says it worked for a while: “I did it once and it worked. Then I started (smoking) again. So I’ll try to give up again. I’ll do it. You know, I’m much stronger than people think.”