5 Stars Who’ve Recently Supported Feminism

Feminism has become a hot topic, especially over the last few weeks as several celebrities have come forward to voice their support, especially in the wake of the leaked nude photo scandal. Emma Watson recently gave a speech on the subject as part of her role as a UN Ambassador, and many others have come forward to say it’s something they believe is needed and that they feel passionate about. Here are their supportive thoughts on the subject.

Chloe Moretz


Chloe has educated herself on the topic: “I did a lot of research on it (feminism) and I wanted to be educated on it… It’s a huge problem in our business. We don’t make hardly any of our decisions but when a guy walks into the room everyone just listens to what he says. You look on the scale of money and we make a third of what the male lead in our movies make, even if we’re lead one and they’re lead three.”