5 Stars Who’ve Experienced On-Set Embarrassment

When the cameras start rolling, some actors and actresses are forced to do things that might be at least somewhat embarrassing, perhaps leaving them very red-faced in the process! Be it an extremely awkward sex scene or just a funny dance, these 5 stars all had to perform professionally despite the embarrassing task at hand. Some found their scene embarrassing for other reasons, such as having to get naked or perhaps because they had a difficult moment with their co-star. Below are 5 stars re-telling their embarrassing experiences!


Angelina Jolie

When filming ‘Mr & Mrs Smith’, Angelina felt exposed during an action scene: “I was a little unsure about something the first time I went down and my coat flew up. And I thought, ‘I have no pants on! I have no pants on and there’s just a crowd of people on the floor!’ Everything was rubber so you don’t feel like you’re covered. Everything just doesn’t feel right.”

Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett was filming a heated break-up scene with Liev Schreiber when it turned embarrassing: “We’re really close to one another and we have these scenes where he’s getting really upset and there’s a lot of rage. A couple of weeks ago we were doing this scene. He’s right here (in my face) and he’s screaming at me and all of a sudden – it happened almost in slow motion – I saw it. These pearls of spittle. And then this one asteroid of a loogie (landed on my forehead) made that flicking sound.”

Orlando Bloom

Orlando was so embarrassed to perform a dancing scene in public for ‘Elizabethtown’:  “There was this beautiful yellow bridge over an amazing river. There were a lot of people there because I guess they knew about the movie and were all expecting me. I had to do this scene where I had to dance – it’s a moment where (my character) DREW lets go. You know when you dance and suddenly feel so liberated like you’re releasing all these shackles that have been holding you? It was that moment. It was highly embarrassing because there were paparazzi and people there.”

Kelly Osbourne

Kelly was out of her element when playing a sexual character which she found embarrassing at first, especially when she had to dry-hump a guy: “I’ve just finished the first week of shooting on my new film ‘Should’ve Been Romeo’. My character Nicole is very different to me – she’s a bit of a crazy groupie! I just had to dry-hump my co-star Paul Ben Victor for one of the scenes – and I was s***ting myself because it was so sexual and not me. It’s been one of the most amazing experiences of my life – I want to do a gritty drama next.”

Hugh Laurie

Hugh had to strip off in public for his part in ‘Maybe Baby’: “I had to be outside in a London street and we cleverly scheduled the scene at six o’clock in the morning (when there was) nobody about. Filming is filming and of course it was 8.45 when we finally came to shoot it. The local paparazzi had had a nice leisurely breakfast… and also there was a nearby girls school. I was wearing my cupped hands and I had a towel but in the scene a dog is supposed to snatch the towel in a comical fashion.”