5 Stars Who Would Date a Fan

Dating a fan can be a risky move: they’re more likely to leak details to the public and might be harder to trust, at least at the beginning of a relationship, yet these 5 stars all say they’d be open to dating a fan. Not ruling anyone out when it comes to romance, these celebrities wouldn’t mind if the right person asked them on a date or thought they were cute – they say they’d definitely consider a date with them. Justin Bieber has made headlines recently for hiring prostitutes while in Brazil so perhaps dating a fan wouldn’t be such a bad idea! ‘One Direction’ singer Niall Horan got hopes up everywhere when he revealed that he would also be open to dating a fan if the person was interesting to him. See the full list below!

Justin Bieber


Justin is open to dating a fan if it was to happen and says he is attracted to girls with a sense of humor: “It’s whatever the situation is, if it happens, it happens. I think that I’m not going to limit myself. I look for a girl that can make me laugh, I like a girl that has a nice smile and nice eyes.”