5 Stars Who Wear Concealer Instead of Foundation


  1. Karlie Kloss

Karlie likes to hide any blemishes with concealer and adds blush: ”As a young ballerina, I was only allowed to wear my hair in a bun and make-up was banned. That influenced my tastes a lot. I only wear a small amount of concealer on my imperfections, a hint of cream blush (Blushing Fabric from Armani) and black mascara from L’Oréal Paris, that’s it!”


  1. Naomi Watts


Naomi keeps it simple with just three essentials: “I’m hopeless at applying make-up. Luckily, I don’t wear much anyway and, for ease, I get my lashes and brows tinted. I only have a concealer, cream blush and lipstick in my purse. A make-up artist friend gave me some Burberry beauty products, which are fantastic.”