5 Stars Who Use Cooled or Frozen Beauty Treatments

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Cool or frozen beauty treatments are said to have many benefits – and even splashing some ice cold water on skin feels as though it has a tightening effect. These 5 celebrities love to use treatments with low temperatures to wake up their skin and revitalise it, making them look more awake and fresh-faced. Some have crafted their own beauty secrets, while others believe stashing eye pads or face masks in the fridge or freezer can make a big difference to the end result. 

  1. Cat Deeley

Cat keeps face masks in her fridge and she says the treatments wake her up and make her skin feel tighter: “My fridge is full of SKII cloth face masks. After a flight when my skin is dehydrated and puffy, if you keep them in the fridge then it wakes me up and rehydrates and tightens my skin. I look a little like Hannibal Lector but they work.”