5 Stars Who Think ‘Less Is More’ When it Comes to Beauty

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While some celebrities pile on makeup and use complicated skin treatments regularly, these 5 stars believe that ‘less is more’ and they like to keep things simple. Be it a subtle makeup look that just highlights their natural beauty, or an unfussy skin routine that uses uncomplicated products, these stars think beauty is best kept as simple and relaxed as possible because the end result just looks less synthetic and overdone. 

  1. Amanda Seyfried

Amanda doesn’t like to use too many products: “When it comes to make-up, I think less is more. if I started piling on the products, I’m scared my routine would start to get longer and longer!” 

  1. Christy Turlington

Christy thinks simpler products are better: ”As I got older, I had time to start taking care of myself and my health and my skin really started to come into its own. I like the philosophy that less is more. Caring for my skin from the inside out is what I’m most interested in. What I put into my body is really important.”