5 Stars Who Say They’ve Been Unchanged by Fame

Posted by PZ on June 27th, 2017

While it’s easy to see some people change as they step further in to the spotlight, these 5 celebrities claim that they are still the very same person they’ve always been.  Believing they have been able to stay grounded and haven’t let the fame go to their heads, these stars like to live life as normal and haven’t adjusted their attitudes towards living despite their big success.

Daniel Radcliffe


Daniel has his parents to thank for keeping him grounded: ”I had really good parents. And I got lucky and I love it. I’m always amused at the way some actor’s behaviour is truly disgusting. That’s one thing that will never happen on one of my sets, if I ever direct. Life’s too short to work with arseholes. And I’ve been lucky enough not to have to.”

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