5 Stars Who Quit Alcohol Because It Was Self-Destructive

Having a few drinks every now and then can be fun and harmless, but some people just go too far, and it becomes a problem that is quite self-destructive and harmful for their health. These 5 stars realized they had a problem and decided to quit while they were ahead, opting to go cold turkey. Seeing that their lives were suffering or that they were no longer the same person, they took control of the situation and are glad they quit drinking now.

50 Cent


Rapper 50 Cent had a bad experience which opened his eyes: “I got a chance to watch a lot of my mother’s sisters and brothers at different periods experiment with the use of drugs or alcohol and I see them respond so differently that I stay away…I’ve had an experience (with alcohol) that made me paranoid because of it and I stayed away from it following that.”