5 Stars Who Have Incredibly High Standards for Their Work

These 5 stars aren’t willing to let their standards slip and work incredibly hard to maintain their level of success or go even further. Some have scrapped work they didn’t feel was good enough, while others have been incredibly harsh on themselves and say they are a perfectionist when it comes to completing anything that has their name attached to it. Having high standards for all that they do, these stars have strict quality control.



Adele has reportedly delayed the release of her upcoming album because she didn’t feel it sounded quite right: “The majority of the album was recorded in America last year and was scheduled for preview in February. But even though the label loved it Adele wasn’t happy with the sound quality and she pulled it. She decided to re-record the vocals last December at the Metropolis studios in Chiswick where she recorded a lot of 21. Adele wanted complete privacy so she hired out both studios for two weeks to lay down the vocals. It was then remastered at Abbey Road Studios earlier this year.”

David Bowie

Coldplay’s Chris Martin once asked David to sing on one of their tracks, but he refused. Chris said:  “One time I sent him a song to ask him to sing on it. He called me and said, ‘It’s not one of your best.’ He’s got very high standards and I appreciate that. It inspires the rest of us to keep our standards high.”

Little Mix

Little Mix singer Jesy explains that they have scrapped an entire album because it wasn’t good enough: “We’ve been away a while because we wrote an album, sat with the record label and we thought, ‘Nope, it’s not good enough’. We recorded a whole album but we’re perfectionists and knew we could do better. So we scrapped it and started again. It was very stressful, it just wasn’t happening.”

Rumer Willis

Rumer is always pushing herself to be better: “I have high standards for myself, which I think is great but, you know, I think, sometimes they can block you from reaching a higher potential. But I think it’s always good to strive to be better.”

Victoria Beckham

Victoria admits she is a painful perfectionist when it comes to work: “I’m still a pain in the neck to everybody who works with me. I am a perfectionist and a control freak. I give 110 per cent, and I expect that from the people that work with me.”