5 Stars Who Get Regular Oxygen Facials

Oxygen facials are the latest Hollywood craze and several stars have come forward to gush about the benefits already. Saying that the treatment really changes their skin and ‘plumps’ it up, these celebs regularly head to their facialist to have this treatment done, especially before big events or performances. Oxygen facials simply blast the skin with oxygen at high pressure using an airbrush which unclogs pores while adding moisture to the skin, to create a radiant final look. These stars say they have loved the results and can’t get enough of this treatment which doesn’t require any invasive needles like botox. 

  1. Adriana Lima

Adriana gets oxygen facials to plump her skin up when she wants to look her best: ”I also like to get a bit of a tan if I’m getting my body out – I use a rich body scrub to buff it back to brightness – and I swear by oxygen facials to plump my skin.”