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5 Stars Who Experimented With Their Mother’s Makeup at an Early Age

Many little girls dream of trying on their mom’s makeup and these 5 stars say they all began experimenting with their beauty looks from an early age by experimenting with their mother’s array of lipsticks and eyeshadows! Some were always fascinated by how their mother’s applied makeup and would try to copy the look, while others had fun creating their own image or even making over siblings. Here are their adorable stories of trying out makeup for the first time. 

  1. Georgia May Jagger

Georgia would watch her mother Jerry Hall and experiment with her lipstick collection: ”My earliest beauty memory was watching my mum applying her make-up. As any girl my age would, I’d play around with all of her lipsticks. She had this big chest of drawers with different lipsticks in it. I would watch her do her make-up and I’d experiment with all of the reds.” 

  1. Gwen Stefani

Gwen would always enjoy dressing up and trying on makeup from a young age: “I’ve always loved beauty. I was the girl who was like, ‘Ask your mom if we can play with clothes or makeup,’ And you know what? I’m doing the same thing now that I was doing when I was 10.” 

  1. Kate Hudson

Kate would always want to act like her mother Goldie Hawn and was inspired by her makeup: ”My mother is very glamorous and effortlessly fab. When I was a child I would watch her apply her makeup and wear beautiful gowns and I wanted to be just like her.” 

  1. Khloe Kardashian

Khloe and her sisters would have fun with their mom’s makeup from an early age: ”We love experimenting with make-up. I think we’re known for always having a glamorous look – a smoky eye, a nude lip. That’s something we got from our mother Kris. We used to play in her beauty drawer as children.” 

  1. Rita Ora

Rita took red lipstick from her mother to try out as a teen: “The deep connection I have with red lipstick comes from my mum. When I was 15, I finally had the courage to steal my mum’s lipstick, a vibrant tomato-red shade. I still remember its distinct gold tube.”