5 Stars Tips on How to Make Eyes Look More Awake

We’ve all been there – when you wake up with puffy or red eyes, and these 5 stars even say they know what it’s like to wake up looking tired and dull around the eye area. Figuring out their own tricks and tips for making their eyes look more awake, alert and fresh, these celebrities have shared the unique tips they use when their eyes look as though they’re hungover! From natural tricks to makeup cover ups, here are the best ways to quickly make your eyes sparkle again. 

  1. Beyonce

Beyonce adds sparkle to her eyes with gold eyeshadow: “I put a little gold eyeshadow in the inner corners of my eyes, it’s more subtle than white but it makes you look more awake.” 

  1. Candice Swanepoel

Candice uses a cream makeup pencil on her eyes to make them look brighter: “If you want to look a little more awake use a cream pencil on the inside of your eye, it opens up your eyes. Put a shimmer in the corners…it makes it pop.” 

  1. Chloe Sims

Chloe swears by Garnier Caffeine Anti dark Circles 2-in-1 Eye Roll-on and says she loves to apply a lot and let it dry in: “It’s also got caffeine and lemon extract, so it’s really nice and soothing when you feel tired in the morning.  I put quite a lot on and just leave it for a while, then when it starts to dry, I pat it in. It makes me look more awake without having to put loads of make-up on!” 

  1. Lauren Conrad

Lauren uses potato slices to cool her eye area: “To reduce puffiness, slice up a few refrigerated potatoes, soak them in water for a moment or two and then place them over your lids for 15 minutes. Works like a charm.” 

  1. Michelle Monaghan

Michelle applies special eye masks to reduce puffiness: “I wear these I eye pads from Koh Gen Do. They’re these little eye masks that make you feel like a super hero—but they really take down any puffiness.”