5 Stars Speak on Why They Find Social Media Hard

Social media can be a minefield to navigate successfully – anything can be twisted negatively even when it wasn’t intended to be, and controversial opinions can quickly turn fans into haters. These 5 stars have spoken on why they find social media difficult to deal with, explaining that all of the negativity can get to them or that they simply dislike telling people about their lives all of the time.  Here is why they say they find social media hard.

Cameron Diaz


Cameron tried out social media but felt it went against her instinct: “I don’t like social media. I tried it, and it’s just not my instinct to tell people what I’m doing, and it’s not my instinct to look and see what other people are doing.”

Emma Thompson

Emma thinks it’s painful to deal with: “I’d rather have root canal treatment for the rest of my life than join Twitter. That’s not my scene at all…. God knows what it’s all doing to us. I hope that everyone does realize that we are all just one giant human experiment at the moment. We are just a great big bunch of little gerbils on wheels.”

Iggy Azalea

Iggy decided to take a break after reading too many hurtful comments: “I feel the hatred and pettiness i see online at all times is at making me become an angry person and I cannot be that. But I also want to let my fans know iam taking some time away from social media. I need to be happy and it is too negative and draining. My management will tweet/run my accounts from today onwards with updates etc unless any message is signed -IA. Love you all. Peace out!”

Lena Dunham

Lena took a step back from social media because she found it unhealthy: “I deleted Twitter because I’m trying to create a safer space for myself emotionally. People threaten my life and tell me what a cow I am, so I decided I was gonna … I check it occasionally, but it’s not the same co-dependence Twitter and I once shared. It’s the dark side of the internet. There’s a lot of people I love on Twitter, but unfort-unately you can’t read those without reading deranged Neocons telling you you should be buried under a pile of rocks.”

Rita Ora

Rita says she often finds it difficult knowing the right things to share: ”Social media needs to be handled delicately. It’s easy to forget just how many people are following you on there. You have to learn what to say and when to hold back. But that’s just a part of me right now, sharing my life with others on a daily basis – it’s part of my job.”