5 Stars Speak on Their Reaction to Their Parenting Divorcing

Posted by PZ on February 6th, 2018

When a married couple with kids opt to split, it’s never easy on anyone in the family – but those going through a divorce have to do their best to protect their children and make the breakup as pain-free as possible. These 5 stars have spoken on how they reacted to their own parents divorcing. Some found it incredibly difficult and said it had a negative impact on their life, while others say they think it was the right thing to do or actually a positive thing. Here are their thoughts on the subject.

Isla Fisher


Isla’s parents divorced when she was 9, and she thinks those considering splitting should do everything to work things out for their kids: “You can’t underestimate how traumatic divorce is for the children. When your parents divorce, it makes you grow up fast. I’d urge parents to strongly consider working things out. I’d work things out and I’d definitely stay put. Especially if there were babies involved.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny felt it was the right call for his parents to make because they simply didn’t get on: “I recall hearing my parents argue and thinking: ‘Come on, this is torture. Just split!’ They stuck it out until I was 15, but I’d seen it coming for years. When they finally did divorce, I thought: ‘OK, this is the right thing’.”

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