5 Stars Speak on Being Working Moms in the Spotlight

Busy Philipps

Busy has found a balance she is happy with as a mom: ”Being a working mom, I’ve got it made. I’m on a TV show where my hiatus is [my kids’] summer, so I’m free to be with them in the summer time. I’m able to afford full-time help because of what I do. My husband also works, and my nanny makes my life doable and so easy. I feel like, for me, I have nothing to complain about in that regard…I don’t ever feel like I have to stop myself from complaining about how hard it is to be an actress. I mean, it’s not that hard.”

Denise Richards

Denise makes sure she is there for her kids and puts them first: “I think one of the questions I’m most often asked is how do I balance it all, how do I balance being a single working mom…. When I’m on set working long hours, I’m not always home for dinner. When my daughter has a soccer game on a Saturday, I make the choice to miss a work event. My children come first – they are my first priority.”