5 Stars Speak on the Downside of Fame

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Everyone’s situation is not the same, even in the spotlight – that means everyone can find different aspects of their fame to be negative. Some might love the attention of the paparazzi, while for others it’s the worst part of their job. Here is what 5 different celebrities find to be the downside of their fame. From gossip posted on the internet about them to not having enough time to themselves to enjoy what they’ve achieved and more, they all have their own idea of what’s bad about their job in the spotlight. It can’t be easy but the positive hopefully counterbalances the negative and they still love what they do, even if it gets tough from time to time.



Ashley Greene


Ashley often feels the pressure of fame and sometimes it can be overwhelming and hard to deal with: “There have definitely been low points – moments when I sit in my hotel room and want to cry! It’s fun, but it’s a lot of pressure. If you’re tired or run-down or having a rough day or missing your friends and family, you can’t just call in sick.”


Beyonce finds the biggest downside is trusting those around her: “Work is my drug. I’m not worried about having a breakdown. There are negative sides to fame, sure. It’s hard to find yourself when everyone tells you everything you do is excellent. It’s hard to stay humble, hard to make friends. It’s hard to know who is real. It’s also hard if you don’t have people you trust before you become famous.”

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse had to quit her boarding school in Ireland because people started to treat her differently: “The reason was teachers giving me a hard time. Teachers and students. Some of the students were, you know, mean. But I only stayed a while. It wasn’t really working out. You know, the school is a good school and the people who go there are good people. But when your schoolmates recognise you before they’ve met you, and the teachers do, too, it can make things very awkward and difficult. It’s a shame.”

Taylor Lautner

Taylor finds that he often doesn’t have the time to truly enjoy his fame: “When I am traveling the world promoting the films, I say I am on vacation, but it’s not really true, I guess. When I go to a beautiful city I spend the whole time in a hotel room and then I am back on a plane to the next place. If I’m not filming, I’m promoting, and if it wasn’t Twilight, it was a different movie, so it got really busy. I hang out with my friends, family, and kind of just – I don’t even know. It’s like, when I am not filming, it seems like – I don’t even know what I do.”

Teri Hatcher

Teri hates all of the gossip sites that report on how she looks all of the time: “I don’t use Botox or Restylane and I’ve never had any surgery, no matter what you’ve read. That’s the one downside to fame – on any one day you can find loads of hideously mean things said about you online. (My friend) keeps threatening to put these computer child locks on my computer so I can’t torture myself. It hurts, you know?”