5 Stars Speak on Getting Over a Break-Up

Getting over a broken heart is never easy, however these 5 stars have all revealed how they made it through the pain. Some ignored their feelings and put all their effort into something else in order to get back to normality: some took on a film role, while others began working out or rebuilding their confidence slowly. Others say they used their career to help them feel better or wrote new work to help them deal with what was going on in their head.


Carrie Underwood

Carrie showed her cheating ex what he was missing by becoming famous: “Cheating is a deal breaker. If you cheat, you’re gone. Getting revenge on a guy is just not worth it to me. I mean, it definitely sucks at the time, but obviously you’re not supposed to be with that person. The best revenge I can think of is becoming famous.”

Peter Andre

After splitting from wife Katie Price, Peter began to work on building his confidence: “I lost myself a bit in my marriage. I lost my confidence and I’m slowly learning to build it back up again. After the split, I’d have given myself two out of 10 on a scale of how low I’d got. Now I’m around a five, and I just want to keep building. I need to get that confidence back.”

Jennifer Aniston

After her split from Brad Pitt, Jennifer worked on ‘The Break-Up’ which she says helped her: “It was just a beautiful story about a couple breaking up. And I was slightly familiar on the topic and the issue. And I sort of honestly felt like, what a great way to sort of exercise some of that. I enjoyed it. It really enjoyed it. You would think otherwise, because even the producers were like, ‘I don’t know if we should ask you to do this,’ but I was like, why not? Turn the page, let’s move on.”

Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle got by thanks to her friends, and focused on other things: “After I got separated from my husband, I got a trainer, got a meal delivery service and went back to church. I felt like I needed some direction. I just tried to stay positive. Instead of going to (fast food restaurant) Fatburger and hitting happy hour, I tried to run on the treadmill, hike, take my dogs out. I have a great group of friends who get me through everything. I went through a divorce and it was speculated on in those blogs, everywhere. It’s definitely hurtful. Sometimes there are those days where I don’t want to leave the house because I don’t want to be shredded in those articles… so I call my friends and they talk me off the ledge, as we are fond of saying.”

Christina Milian

Christina wrote a song about heartbreak after her split from Nick Cannon which she says helped her get through it: “I did have a break-up but I must say that Who’s Gonna Ride is a song that is also based on some other previous relationships that I’ve been in. Of course everybody knows about the last one, so they’ve kind of just pointed the finger at homeboy. He’s a nice guy. Don’t put anything against him. At the end of the day it was a relationship I was in and it’s over and I’m very happy right now. I’ve moved on, life is great. I’m not mad at him, he’s a cool dude.”