5 Stars Speak About Their Experiences in Jail

Even celebrities are not immune from taking responsibility for their actions, and when they land in enough hot water, they can end up in jail! These 5 stars have all spent time behind bars and have commented on their personal experiences. Some struggled with their jail time, while others believe it ultimately helped them and opened their eyes. Here are their own stories.

Chris Brown


Chris spent three months behind bars and says the experience made him realize he is not invincible: “It was definitely one of the things I’ll never forget. For me, I just learned that nobody’s invincible, everybody’s equal, at the same time no amount of celebrity status, no amount of how many fans love you, no amount of anything can deter you away from the real if you make a mistake and nobody’s excusable…I think for me it was a humbling experience for me to become a man and mature.”