5 Stars Who Share Clothes With Their Stylish Family Members

Hand-me-downs are a lot more chic when your borrowing vintage Chanel or a classic Hermés bag – at least that’s what these 5 lucky stars get to pick from when they’re raiding a family member’s wardrobe. Be it a mother’s old clothes from back when she was the same age as their budding style icon daughter, or just a sister who also has great taste, these 5 celebrities can find amazing freebies lurking in storage or tucked away in someone’s closet gathering dust, and can create amazing looks from their covetable vintage finds all thanks to their already chic family members.


Dakota Fanning

Dakota caught her younger sister Elle stealing her clothes: “She steals my clothes! As far as I’m concerned, there’s a no-closet-sharing policy, but as far as Elle is concerned… I’ll go in my room, and there will be clothes on the floor, clothes missing, clothes that are now in her closet. Last summer, I was in London working on a film, and I was looking online and these pictures came up on my homepage. She was in my hat, my dress, my shoes. I called her up and was like, ‘I caught you! They photographed you wearing all my stuff. Put it back!’ She hung up on me! She didn’t care at all.”

Rumer Willis

Rumer loves to go through mom Demi’s old wardrobe, but her other sisters also do which means it has quickly disappeared between them: “I’ve definitely raided her closet quite a bit. But the problem is when my sisters raid my closet and my stuff disappears. But when it comes to fashion you should always trust your gut instinct.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim and her sisters all love to share their amazing shoe collections: “Khloe is a size eight, my mum is a six and a half, I’m a five and Kourtney is a three, so we’re all too different to swap shoes. We couldn’t borrow each other’s shoes if we wanted to. Sometimes though, we accidentally buy the same styles because we have the same taste, so that kind of sucks.”

Georgia May Jagger

Georgia loves rummaging through her mother’s wardrobe, but sadly so do the rest of her sisters: “When you share a house with other female family members, you inevitably end up sharing your wardrobes. Mum gives us clothes to wear but occasionally I borrow without asking, then struggle to get the bits back without her noticing. Sometimes the three of us will go round in circles. Lizzy will steal something from me that I originally stole from mum and so on.”

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth used to ask her stylish older sisters for advice and would steal their clothes when she needed something fresh to wear. Now, her sisters still take her shopping: “I’ll ask my sisters what to wear, I always have. I used to steal clothes from them when I was growing up and now I ask them to take me shopping.”