5 Stars Reveal Who They’d Love to Collaborate With

Posted by PZ on April 9th, 2012

Even though these 5 stars have had extensive careers already, they still dream of working with others on new projects. Some are inspired by other people’s talents and would love to make music or star in a film with them, while other stars want to team up with some creatives to come up with something original and unique. From Lady Gaga to Meg Ryan, these 5 stars all aspire to work alongside a variety of different talented people.


David Hasselhoff wants to record with Tinie Tempah

David has revealed that he’s consider relaunching his music career for a collaboration with Tinie: “I’d love to do a record with Tinie. It would be ideal to do some fun dance record. I’d like to do a little sampling of the Baywatch and Knight Rider themes and get Tinie to do something on it. I’d sing on it and let him rap on it and I think it could be fun.”

Snow Patrol would love to collaborate with Lady Gaga

Snow Patrol’s drummer Jonny Quinn has revealed that the band would love to work with Gaga because she’s a real musician: “I think she’s pretty incredible. To get her to guest vocal would be a coup. I love watching her and reading her interviews. She knows exactly what she’s doing, she seems so much smarter than your average pop star and is really talented. I’ve seen those early videos of her playing New York gigs, she’s just an amazing keyboard player, great musician, great writer, she’s the whole deal.”

John Travolta wants to do a film with Lindsay Lohan

John Travolta believes Lindsay would be a very talented actress to work alongside: “I know whatever she would like to do would be great. I know first hand, Lindsay happens to be a very big fan of mine from years ago when she was a little girl and liked Danny Zuko and Vinny Barborino, so I always thought she was gorgeous and talented and filled with a lot of depth!”

Jay-Z wants to make music with Jack White

Jay-Z appreciates Jack’s talent and would love to work with the artist on a track: “Jack White, he can do it all. He’s a renaissance man. I like anyone who I’m working with to bring their flavour and their energy to the track, or else why get them? If I bring a person in, they are free to do whatever.”

Hugh Grant hopes to act alongside Cameron Diaz & Meg Ryan

Hugh dreams of working with two different leading ladies: “I sometimes think I’ve worked with all the film actresses there are out there, but there are still a couple whom I’d like to work with if I could. I’ve always loved Meg Ryan. And I very much admire Cameron Diaz. I’d love to work with either of them.”

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