5 Stars Who Prefer to Spend Time at Home

Posted by PZ on March 6th, 2012

Going out is overrated – at least according to these 5 stars. Some have just grown tired of the party scene, while others have grown up or now have kids, so get to go out less regularly and have begun to embrace home life. Others, such as Johnny Depp, really hate being followed by cameras everywhere, so he avoids going out as much as possible, and prefers to unwind at home although he does admit that he sometimes feels as though he is forced to stay in.


Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez likes having people over to her home, and unwinds by watching a film in her pyjamas: “I’m a good hostess, so we have lots of nights in watching Sex and the City. We sit by the pool, listen to music and chat. I like to snuggle up in my pyjamas in front of a fire and watch a movie. I always go for the funnier stuff. I love comedies, like Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo – it’s one of my favourite films and it kills me everytime I watch it.”


Seal says he doesn’t enjoy traveling anymore and much prefers to be at home with friends: “I’m liking travelling less and less these days. I’m a real homebody now. There’s nothing that gives me greater pleasure than being at home with friends, cooking and singing around the piano and having good conversation. I love my friends. My friends are my family. I have a few close ones and the best thing about them is that they never pass up the opportunity to tell you that they love you.”

Ricky Martin

Ricky says he used to go out almost every night, but since welcoming his twin boys he doesn’t get to go out, which is he actually enjoying: “Everything used to be about me and now everything is about my boys. I used to be a night owl but now I hardly go out. I have to force myself to go out because it is too easy to stay at home as a family on the couch. I love reading them stories and being there to put them to bed.”

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp doesn’t leave his house because of the paparazzi: “You don’t ever get used to that kind of thing. That’s why I hardly ever leave my house. I don’t go anywhere. I understand what it’s about but there’s only so much of that sort of thing a human being can deal with. I can’t think of myself in terms of celebrity. It’s just too weird. If the choice is between being gawked at and sitting in a chair in a dark room, I prefer the dark room.”

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba feels like she is at work if she goes out, so she prefers to unwind at home with her family: “I feel like if I’m in the public eye, I’m working, I’m not trying to let it all hang out at a premiere or at… any kind of awards show. I’d rather stay home and play Jenga with a twist, cook some pasta. We write really embarrassing things on the Jenga pieces, so that everytime someone picks it out, they get to do fun stuff, like put the person to the left of you’s toe in your mouth! We also do this charades-type game and we play Pictionary.”

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