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5 Stars Who Won’t Marry Again After Failed Marriage

These 5 stars have all decided that they probably won’t ever marry again after going through at least one other failed marriage in the past. Some simply don’t see the need to do the deed, while others find marriage restricting, such as Charlie Sheen, who believes marriage makes him freak out about the relationship. Others have simply been married too many times and don’t want to walk down the aisle again due to all the nasty divorces!


Charlie Sheen

Charlie says that marriage simply isn’t good for him, and he won’t tie the knot again for this reason: “A couple of things I don’t do well – marriage and drinking. So I’ve quit both… Why would I (get married again). That’s not to say I couldn’t have a substantial relationship one day, but to ordain it with a piece of paper just feels like it makes things worse, just for me personally. Because those relationships, I want to say they were pretty good before the marriage and then something happens…”

Raquel Welch

After four marriages, Raquel believes she needs her own freedom: “I’m just not suited for it any longer. I love men and I love their company, but I am too independent and self-motivated. I’m willing to date, but quite frankly, there is a diminishing group of eligible people at my age. I don’t mind the traditional roles of male and female but, as you can tell, I am a very strong-minded woman. I’m sure I would be a challenge for an awful lot of men. They wouldn’t want to deal with it or, if they would like to deal with it, maybe I’m just not that interested.”

Kristen Wiig

Kristen doesn’t believe marriage is important: “I probably won’t ever get married (again), it’s not something that I would want to do. (In Bridesmaids we were careful) to not send the message that you need to get married. I think women put that pressure on themselves, maybe even more than society does, but, if you’re the single girl at the wedding, you know someone is going to ask you when you’re going to get married.”

Diane Kruger

Diane doesn’t understand why couples need a piece paper to certify a relationship: “I won’t ever marry again. Does it matter if you sign a piece of paper? It doesn’t make it last. I would get married to Josh at 60 if we were still together because then it really means something if you say it’s for life.”

Christie Brinkley

After several marriages, Christie has finally decided not to marry again: “I can now say unequivocally I would never get married again. There’s absolutely no reason to,” she said. I learned in my divorce that marriage is ridiculous. You take a vow but you don’t get brownie points when you honor your vow and the other person doesn’t. The court doesn’t recognize that. It’s like, ‘All right now, let’s see how we’re going to divvy up the kids.’ Well, obviously, the one that didn’t break the vows should be the role model, but no.’ ”