5 Stars Who Love Their Big Boobs

These 5 stars have all been blessed with big boobs, and have all said that they love how they look! While they might have felt out of place when they were teenagers, these days they are thankful that they have what many others go under the knife for naturally. Kelly Brook says that having curves just suits her body, while Sofia Vergara says that her boobs (and her famously curve figure) are an important part of who she is. Kim Kardashian says she used to wish she didn’t have big boobs, but she loves them now that she has grown into her body.


Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson says she didn’t like her boobs at first but is now grateful for them: “I had very big boobs at a young age… I was made to feel guilty about my body, and now people are buying the boobs I have.”

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara believes her boobs are an important part of her and make her feel sexy: “I have big boobs, I have a voluptuous figure, and I like to laugh a lot, this is who I am. But it’s great to still be thought of as sexy, especially now that I’m nearly 40. I don’t want to look super skinny and I think since I’m nearly 40 now, I’m glad I have a few extra pounds because otherwise your face has more lines.”

Kirsten Dunst

Kirsten Dunst has big boobs, but doesn’t dress to show them off: “I don’t have any real body issues. I never really overeat, I shed weight in the summer, put it on in the winter and yes, I do have big boobs. People don’t realise because I cover up a lot, but they are there. Big boobs.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian struggled with her big boobs as a teen, but now loves them: “Kourtney would always make fun of me for having bigger boobs than she did. When you’re young, it’s embarrassing. Your body is changing and it’s scary. Then when I was 15, I realised it was great. I’ve never wished for smaller boobs since.”

Kelly Brook

Model Kelly Brook feels lucky to have been naturally blessed with big boobs because some of her friends have had boob jobs: “I’m curvy so it suits my face to have a far bum. When I’m skinny my face looks haggard. No, I wouldn’t have surgery. Some of my friends have had boob jobs and to be honest, I feel lucky because I’ve always had boobs. I love big boobs. I can’t imagine my body any other way. I have more idea of what I want now. I’m more confident. I think it’s good to grow old gracefully.”