5 Stars Who Don’t Like Hollywood Blockbusters

Believing mainstream cinema isn’t as special as it seems, these 5 stars all say they aren’t huge fans of big blockbuster films. Having worked on huge blockbusters and small indie films alike, these actors and actresses have decided they prefer smaller projects that have more heart. Some think big films are only concerned with making money and the plot isn’t even thought out or the characters are often weak, while some just like how lower budget films are made with a tight-knit cast and a focused shooting schedule. They may not be paid big bucks for working on smaller films, but these 5 stars say there is something else to be gained from the experience and they aren’t huge fans of big blockbuster type movies.

Jeff Daniels


When asked if he preferred smaller or bigger budget films, Jeff responded that smaller films often have more thought put in to them: I’ve enjoyed doing both. Big budget films tend to have better catering. Smaller films tend to have better scripts.”

Rachel Weisz


Rachel prefers smaller films because it’s very focused work: “There’s something about working on a film like (indie drama) The Deep Blue Sea, with no rehearsal and a concentrated shooting schedule. That’s what I like to do. Working with a green screen is easy. It’s just like being a kid. But it’s not nearly as satisfying. I prefer smaller movies because they tend to be more about character than about story.”

Robert Pattinson

Robert admits he would love to work on lower budget projects for his entire career if he could: ”If there is a way to maintain a career doing small, interesting movies I would take that option. I’m not buff enough for robot movies.”

Rupert Grint

Rupert may have found it different to work on a small budget film after ‘Harry Potter’ but he admits that it’s something he enjoyed: “It was quite an adjustment going from ‘Harry Potter’ to doing the low-budget films. It threw me a little – it’s just such a different way of making a film. But I prefer the pace of low budgets because it’s much more in the moment.”

Woody Allen

Woody thinks blockbusters are only made for the money and no real idea is expressed:”Mediocrity. Moreover, that kind of film often circulates huge prejudices. It’s a completely different job to mine, based on commercial profits. I don’t watch them, I ignore them, they don’t interest me. They’re childish products.”