5 Stars Who Say They Don’t Have Friends

Posted by PZ on January 16th, 2012

For one reason or another, these 5 stars have all claimed that they don’t have any friends. Sean Combs says he is too busy with his work to be a good friend to anyone so avoids friendship altogether, while Angelina Jolie also doesn’t socialize much and talks mostly to her family, preferring to stay in with husband Brad. Madonna also claims that she has given up friends, saying she isn’t able to go out much.


Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie likes to spend her time off with family and doesn’t get much time to go out with friends: “Well, I have a few girlfriends, I just … I stay at home a lot,” Angelina tells Marie Claire. ”I’m just not very social. I don’t do a lot with them, and I’m very homebound. I’ll talk to my family, I talk to Brad. … But I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of friends I talk to. He is really the only person I talk to.”

Sean Combs

Sean Combs loves Twitter because it gives him a chance to talk to people, but says he doesn’t have time for real friendship: “It (Twitter) gives me the chance to at least have some sort of human interaction. I really don’t have a lot of friends. It’s not like nobody wants to be my friend. I don’t have friends because I work so much, and because I work so much, I’m not a good friend. You need a friend to be there for you. But if people want to go out to dinner and hang out with me, I’m like, ‘Dinner? That’s four hours! That’s four hours of time when I could be working!'”

Megan Fox

Megan Fox believes it’s a sacrifice she had to make for her career to work: “I’m one of the most isolated people in existence right now. But it’s worth it. Because if I wasn’t making that decision I would be throwing away my career.”


Madonna has trouble finding time for everything in life, so doesn’t get to socialize much: “I get frustrated . I think I can manage my day and fit it all in. But it gets to eight o’clock and I go, ‘S**t, I promised I would read to the kids.’ The thing I have sacrificed here is a social life. I don’t go out much. If I want to do my job, pay attention to my children and have a relationship with my husband, I don’t have time to go out with my friends.”

Heidi Montag

Heidi Montag says that all of the people who claim to be her friends really aren’t, so she doesn’t have any real friends: “I have no friends, the ones who are pretending to be “˜friends’ or “˜family’, are crazy, angry, broke, and bitter this is why they haven’t been in my life for years! LIARS! (sic).”

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