5 Stars Who Find Dating Hard

Posted by PZ on April 6th, 2012

It may be because of their fame or simply because they can’t find the right person, but these 5 celebrities has all admitted that they have trouble dating. For most it is because they are in the spotlight and they find it hard due to work commitments, while others are frustrated because the media are constantly speculating who they are dating. Others just can’t connect with the right person and end up on dates with the wrong kind of person which makes building a relationship difficult.


Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer doesn’t like the media hype whenever she is seen with someone new: “I’m not a big fan of dating. I have dinner with male friends and it’s instantly, that’s the new man. The phone is ringing off the hook from your publicist saying, Did you have dinner with so and so? ‘and it’s Yes, I did and no, I’m not. So you sort of just meet people”.

Michael Fassbender

Michael has to put his work before dating because its what he’s concentrating on: ”To be honest, relationships as a whole for me in this industry have been a difficult thing to maintain. It goes with the territory. I would be prepared to walk away from relationships because of my job. I wanted to give this everything and go for it 110 per cent, so I guess my work has taken precedence over that.”

Lauren Conrad

Lauren says dating in Los Angeles is difficult: ”Yes, I am single at the moment. Dating in Los Angeles can be hard, which makes it all the better when you meet a really nice guy. I’m not old-fashioned when it comes to dating, but there’s something nice about a guy pulling out a girl’s chair and opening the door for her, even if it’s just in the beginning.”

Kim Kardashian

Kim says her job often hinders any romantic opportunities: “I’ve realised it’s really hard to date when you live your life on a reality show. So I think this time around I’m just taking everything extremely slow. I’m trying to not really dive into anything because I just don’t have the time. And I feel like now is the only time when I can be completely selfish and I don’t really have any personal responsibilities as far as having a husband, and having kids. And I’m a workaholic, so it works.”

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly can’t find the right person to date: “The problem isn’t getting offers – the problem is getting offers from someone you like, you know? It’s really hard to find. I recently said to my manager, ‘You know what the problem is? It’s like an ‘American Idol’ audition. The worst ones are the most confident.’ And the same thing goes for my dating life. The worst guys are the most confident with me. And the ones you want to ask you out are intimidated, so yeah, it’s not fun. Dating is hard!”

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