5 Stars Who Get Fashion Help From a Stylist

Not everyone can afford the help of a stylist, but those who can often turn to the help of a professional when they’re so swamped with work that they don’t have the time to pick out their own looks, or they need someone to make sure their choice is perfect for the event at hand. Some just use a stylist when they have something really important coming up, while others like to work with someone to go through all of the best outfits and give their own input into what they like, working together to pick the best result for them. Stylists don’t have to ruin their own personal style, as many of these stars still make sure they always love what they’re wearing.

Diane Kruger

Diane only uses the help of a stylist when she has several events lined up:”I’ll only use a stylist for the Oscars or something like that, or a promotional tour for a movie when I’m travelling for six weeks and I need 25 outfits just for press days and 10 premieres. But I will tell them what I want.”

Liv Tyler

Liv works together with her stylist to pick from the best outfits available:”It depends on the event but I often work with a stylist and they’ll pull a lot of looks and we choose what looks or fits the best. I went to an event at the ballet recently and I wore a dress and they were literally sewing me into it as I was walking out of the door!”

Leighton Meester

Leighton gets the help of a stylist who she works with to pick the best look for the red carpet: “I have a stylist who is very helpful. But I also pay attention and visit Style.com and look at all the shows and things that I like and things that speak to me. And if there’s ever an occasion to wear something gorgeous I feel very lucky to be able to don it.”

Emma Watson

Between her time working on the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise and balancing her university work, Emma found it hard to style herself for lavish red carpet events and turned to a stylist to get professional help: “I confess, I’ve had some help because I’ve been so busy.”

Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth says she couldn’t manage without a stylist because there are so many things to figure out: ”You literally have to use a stylist. There’s no way you can figure it all out, especially when you are working on a film. Now whatever you wear is like a huge statement to the world. So you have to have someone help you figure it all out. I love clothes and my stylist Cher is so cool. I have a lot of fun with her. For a while I had no clue and I didn’t even like to wear dresses to begin with. Now it’s fun, like playing dress up.”