5 Stars Who Had Easy, Trouble-Free Pregnancys

Posted by PZ on February 23rd, 2012

With so many pregnancy horror stories, it’s refreshing to hear about the times things go off without a hitch for a change – so moms-to-be listen up – it doesn’t always have to be hard! These 5 celebrities have all flown through their pregnancy with ease, without experiencing any of the pains, aches or sleepless nights that many other expectant moms suffer through. Happy to be free to any of the bad parts, these stars have all commented on their easy pregnancies!


Hilary Duff

Hilary has managed to avoid sickness and she loves her pregnancy boobs: “Everything’s been really easy. Didn’t get sick.” Pointing at her chest, Hilary commented: “These are new. These are, like, new and different, so that can be a good and bad thing, but other than that, seriously, it’s pretty easy!”


January Jones

January Jones felt great all through her pregnancy and didn’t have any weird cravings either: “I feel great. I haven’t had any weird physical side effects. I feel pretty lucky so far. Everybody is asking if I’ve had any odd cravings. I haven’t yet. It’s a bummer. I wish I had something weird to tell.”

Jenna Fischer

Jenna’s trouble-free pregnancy has made her feel lucky, although she has has some strange cravings:  “In the beginning, it was a lot of macaroni and cheese and Lucky Charms. Now it’s a lot of strawberries. I’ve been really lucky. I’ve had a really easy pregnancy.”

Kelly Preston

Kelly was lucky to not experience any morning sickness: “It’s been very easy and so wonderful. I’ve had no morning sickness and the pregnancy has gone by so quickly. I feel terrific. John and I are completely ready. My daughter is very excited too. I can’t wait for the day to come.”


Monica was never sick and didn’t feel any pain: “It really does agree with me in the sense that I’m never sick. I’m never in pain. I don’t even wear maternity clothes until after six months. I eat way too much, but, other than that, I don’t have difficulties.”

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