5 Stars Compare London and Los Angeles

London and Los Angeles are both celebrity hotspots that are homes to amazing talents – so how do they compare? These 5 stars have been in both and have spoken on how the two cities differ, what they like and what they don’t like. Sharing their opinions as they explore the cities they’re in and discover how they may also be culturally different with varying attitudes, these stars have commented on the big debate: London vs. L.A.!

Jennifer Lawrence


Jennifer loves all of the small pubs in London and says she never gets bothered by fans, which is very different when compared with Los Angeles: “I love London. All these perfect little pubs in every corner where everyone is fine. The more I travel, the more I get tired of LA when I get back. I’ve been to maybe six restaurants in the four years I’ve lived there.”

Jessie J
jessie j

Jesse decided to move to Los Angeles because she felt appreciated for her voice more. She explained: “In America they see me as a singer whereas here I feel that people don’t appreciate my voice. I’ve dedicated my life to singing and I want it to be taken seriously. Here it seems that all people want to know is what I’ve had for breakfast and who I’m in a relationship with.”

Michael Fassbender

Michael believes Los Angeles is a slow city and London has a sense of humour: “I think LA makes you soft – people never get anything done. It’s a city where people give out their business cards. I think London has a sense of humour. I like the parks, I like the mentality here. I like walking. I like the immediacy of the city.”

Robert Pattinson

Rob loves London because he feels he can escape his own fame more than when in L.A.: “I live between Los Angeles and London. But being in London is a pure delight. They leave me alone. It’s the same everywhere in Europe. The other day I was strolling around Paris, and nobody bothered me!”

Tom Hiddleston

Tom likes how his profession is perceived at home in London: “London has always been my home, it’s where I was born, it’s where my friends are and my family. I also like it because it’s still a little bit exotic to be an actor in London, whereas being an actor in Los Angeles is the norm.”