5 Stars Comment On Their Weight Struggles

Struggling to accept their weight, these 5 stars have opened up on issues they’ve had about gaining or losing weight and how they dealt with it over the course of their lives. Some found it hard to lose weight, others say they simply can’t put on a pound and some of these celebs have battled with fluctuating weights for as long as they can remember. Speaking candidly on their personal struggles, these 5 stars have revealed how they’ve coped with their weight issues over the years.

Audrina Patridge


Audrina finds it hard to keep weight on: “I don’t really have to work out a lot. I actually have a problem putting on weight. I’ve always been skinny. But I do something active every day. I go to the beach, run, do Pilates or play volleyball. I do eat healthily and I stay away from all the sugary stuff. I love potato chips, but I also love fish and vegetables, too.”