5 Stars Comment on the Idea of a Black Actor Playing James Bond

There has been a lot of talk lately about the next James Bond potentially being a black actor, as British actors Idris Elba and Colin Salmon are reportedly being considered for the part. These 5 stars have commented on the idea of a black actor playing the iconic role, explaining their thoughts on the subject which has some people divided.

Daniel Craig


Daniel thinks Bond is always evolving and it could easily be played by a black actor: “I think the role could easily be played by a black actor, because the character created by Ian Fleming in the 50s has undergone a great deal of evolution and continues to be updated.”

Dizzee Rascal

Upon hearing that he had been voted in an online survey to be the favourite next Bond choice, Dizzee commented: “I heard that this morning. I like that. Yeah, that’s big, that’s big. Why not man? I can rock a tuxedo. The whole nation’s seen that. I’ve just got to get my lines right, that’s all. That one needs to be done. First black James Bond, it needs to be done. And who better to do it?”

Idris Elba

Idris commented on the idea, saying he would not like to be labelled if he took on the part: “I’ve always detested the phrase ‘Black Bond’, I just don’t understand it. We don’t say ‘White Bond’, we just say ‘Bond’, so it suddenly becomes a black man and he’s a ‘Black Bond’.”

Kanye West

Kanye thinks it would be a step forward: “Artists should be visionaries. A black James Bond would be visionary no doubt. Something that 30 years ago would have seemed crazy should now be something that is a real possibility.”

Pierce Brosnan

Pierce backs black actors Idris Elba and Colin Salmon for the role: “Yeah, he would actually. Colin Salmon also. May the best man get the job.”