5 Stars Who Say They Aren’t Like The Characters They Play

Posted by PZ on November 26th, 2012

Acting doesn’t always mean that your pretending to be a completely different person – there are plenty of times when an actor’s personality can cross over and be similar to a character they’re playing. These 5 celebs say that isn’t the case for them – some of them are known for playing very unique and memorable characters but they insist that they aren’t like them at all in real life, and they often spend some time convincing people they’ve met for the first time that they’re different to the character they’ve played in the past! From trying to shake off their ‘airhead’ character to be mistaken as a sex addict – here is 5 stars who don’t want to stay in character for ever because it’s not really them.

Alicia Silverstone

Alicia has to convince people she’s not like her ‘Clueless’ character Cher: ”I remember doing interviews in London for some movie at the time, and the interviewers would want to talk about the movie, of course, but all I wanted to talk about was murder. They probably expected me to be like the ‘Clueless’ character, but instead I was sitting there saying stuff like, ‘And then they anally electrocute!’ I pretty much bummed everyone out.”

Olivier Martinez

Olivier says he is often mistaken to be exactly like his ‘Unfaithful’ character but this isn’t the case: “What I am on screen has nothing to do with what I am in reality. I try to explain to people that I am not really this smart, sexy guy from Unfaithful, but nobody believes me.”

Kim Cattrall

Kim believes she has very little in common with her ‘Sex and the City’ character Samantha: “People used to ask me to come and speak to women about sex issues and relationships and women running businesses. That’s not what I do – I am none of those things. It’s a character! I got an award and joked, ‘This is what I got for sleeping with so many men.’ People believed that, even though it was a joke.”

Eric Bana

Eric says he’s different from ‘The Hulk’ because he’s able to control his temper and very rarely vents about anything: “I go pretty quiet when I’m angry. I’m more likely to kind of walk off and brood somewhere because I’m probably afraid of the repercussions of ‘going off’, you know. I am generally pretty well-measured.”

Blake Lively

Blake says she’s nothing like her ‘Gossip Girl’ character Serena: “I wear pretty clothes and live in New York so people think I’m very similar to her; they see her talk and interact in their homes once a week and they probably assume that is who I am, but it’s not me. I was raised in a very rounded family from the South and was never much of a party girl, and if I were I would think of the obligations that I have to young girls, because I feel there are not too many great role models, although some are now emerging. In the last few years the paparazzi have played out the lives of these girls for everyone to see, and so many people make mistakes at that age in our lives and it all takes place in front of the camera.”

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