5 Stars Who Borrow Their Mom’s Clothes

While many of us might not want to delve into our mother’s wardrobe, others are lucky to have super stylish moms who have saved their amazing vintage clothes and want to share their old designer pieces with their daughters. These 5 stars are all been allowed to raid their fashion-forward mom’s wardrobe, picking out items that have long been lost and giving them a new lease of life, or simply sharing clothes with their mother because they have similar style. From vintage Azzedine Alaia to hand-me-downs from a style icon, these lucky daughters all regularly borrow some amazing clothes from their moms.


Amber Le Bon

Amber’s mom Yasmin lets her daughter hijack some of her amazing vintage items for events: “Mum hasn’t so much as passed clothes down, I’ve hijacked them! I’ll borrow something and then ‘forget’ to give it back. I borrow a lot of her Azzedine Alaia stuff. My favourite was a skirt I wore to a launch recently. I’ll definitely be wearing that again.”

Willow Smith

Mom Jada Pinkett Smith reveals that her daughter Willow often raids her wardrobe and she likes to customizes her own clothes: “Willow is always taking my clothes. She’ll go through my wardrobe and tell me what she doesn’t like, or say, ‘I want to take this to cut up.’ She can sort of fit into my pants now. Everything she does is about adding a twist, cutting it up, adding colour. She’s not into designer. The nearest she’s got is a McQueen scarf a friend got her from a sample sale. She designs most of her stuff herself or wears vintage or high street and reworks it.”

Rumer Willis

Rumer and her sisters usually fight for the best things in mom Demi Moore’s wardrobe: “I’ve definitely raided her closet quite a bit. But the problem is when my sisters raid my closet and my stuff disappears. But when it comes to fashion you should always trust your gut instinct.”

Lea Michele

Lea looks up to her mom’s style and because they’re both the same size, they often end up sharing clothes regularly: “I like to feel comfortable. There’s nothing worse than feeling like something doesn’t quite fit. I share a lot of clothes with my mum because we are the same size. We share sweaters and jackets a lot. My mum has great style. I always follow her lead.”

Georgia May Jagger

Georgia loves her mother’s style so is always glad to receive clothes that she’s handed down: “Mum’s got great style, she looks amazing and is my ultimate style icon. She’s passed on a lot of clothes to me from when she was younger and that era is just incredible.”