5 Stars Who Admit to Having Cellulite

So many people worry about cellulite, and even think it’s linked to being overweight, but these 5 stars all have admitted that they have cellulite, proving that even a celebrity can be annoyed by that orange peel look! Jessica Alba said she first noticed cellulite after she gave birth to her first daughter, while Kim Kardashian says she doesn’t care about any cellulite she has and knows that she isn’t perfect. Holly Madison claims that she can’t get rid of her cellulite, no matter how much weight she drops.


Jessica Alba 

“My breasts are saggy, I’ve got cellulite, my hips are bigger, I used to have anxiety attacks before I did the photo shoots. I’d never worn high heels or even dresses before I did movies . . . I wasn’t even allowed to show my stomach in my house when I was growing up — my parents were very strict. But this is the business I’m in, and it’s made me a lot of money, so I can’t complain.”

Kim Kardashian 

“I have cellulite. So what! I’ve never claimed to be perfect. It’s crazy anyone should assume that just because you’re in  the spotlight, you’re flawless. Sometimes I pig out and I still feel great, and think, “That was so worth it!” That’s how I feel  a lot of the time. I think, “See this little dimple of cellulite here? It was so worth it for that cookies’n’ cream ice cream!”

Khloe Kardashian 

“Yes, I have cellulite – that’s no secret. I love to be an advocate for anything that helps empower women and give confidence to them especially when I can relate to something as sensitive as cellulite.”

Jillian Michaels 

“I hate it! There’s cellulite on it and no matter what I do, I can’t get rid of it. The reality is that it’s connective tissue.  I can starve and my boobs will go and my face will get gaunt, but I will still have cellulite.”

Holly Madison

“I’d rather be overweight and curvy than super thin with no curves, I’m proud of my body. I have cellulite — and had it even when I was at my  absolute thinnest, I’m never not going to have cellulite. People need to just accept that it’s there and maybe dress accordingly or use body makeup to cope with it.”