5 Plants To Get If You Want  A Colourful Garden

Are you pondering on starting your own garden? Do you want to have a garden that will make your neighbours head turn. As long as you get the right plants, then your garden will make you feel like you are visiting the beautiful sophisticated fields of Europe.

How can you make your garden look sophisticated and extremely pleasing to the eyes? By choosing the right plants of course! There are many plants to choose from when it comes to creating your landscape. However, for beginners, you need to choose the best plants that can be easily taken care of.

What are the best plants that are easy to take care of yet they can add a pop of color in your garden? Here are the best choices for those who are not as familiar with gardening or for those who claim that they have a “brown thumb” 


Hydrangeas is a shrub with those flowers that you imagine walking in while in the fields. Its flowers are bundled up in a circle and can be breathtaking when you see it in a garden. Its colors can vary from pink, purple, blue, green and white.

It should be placed under partial shade or full sun. Its soil also has to be moist, it needs to be watered thrice (3) a week. It is not difficult to take care of Hydrangeas however you still need to know how to properly thrive to maximize its flower blooms. Click Here to know more about hydrangeas and how to grow them in your garden.

Snake Plant

Snake Plant is a succulent with leaves that has different colors such as yellow, cream, and green. It does not need a lot of watering and can survive dry weather, it has the same attributes as a cacti yet it does not look like a cacti.

It is widely popular among people as it is low maintenance plus it can add a color to your garden. It is also popular indoors and it is placed in a pot, if you are interested in indoor plants instead. Leaving it be will not kill it, no need to water it frequently or even weekly. 


Aglaoenema is another plant you can choose if you want a pop of color. It is easy to take care of it as well. Its soil, however, needs to be moist all the time and this plant cannot survive the dry unlike Snake Plants. The good thing is, this plant will not be overwatered. Just make sure you pour water in it and do not forget to sprinkle some water on its leaves as well so it will create an illusion that it is in a humid area.


Its colors can be red, yellow, green, and cream. Its leaves have different patterns as well and it is itself a state of art. It needs to be placed under partial shade or full shade. On the other hand, this plant can be toxic to pets and children.  If potted indoors, a humidifier can help this plant thrive as it is a tropical plant originating from Asia. 

Garden Croton

Garden Croton is another plant that has lots of color with great patterns and textures. It is an extremely beautiful medium-sized shrub that can upscale your garden into an elegant one. The color of its leaves are almost like Aglaonema like red, green, and yellow. 

Croton needs only to be watered once a week. Its planting time can be spring or autumn. It needs a proper drainage pot and can thrive under full sun or partial shade. However, even though it is an attractive shrub, be wary as it is very toxic and can be the source of diarrhea and other diseases that can be harmful for those who are inhabiting your homes. 


Astilbe plants, just like Hydrangeas, have beautiful flowers that can transport you to the flower fields from Europe. You can have these two flowers and you can turn your garden into a sophisticated place of relaxation and rejuvenation. Your yard can also be the main attraction of your neighborhood because of its beauty. Its colors can be dark red, pink, or white.

It is easy to take care of despite its attractiveness. Take note though, it thrives in partial shade and moist soil. It cannot handle dryness very well. A humidifier can help this plant bloom well.


If you want to have the best looking garden, then fret not, these are the plants to grow especially if you need a pop of color. Although greens are great, why not add red, blue, violet, pink, and yellow in your garden. 

If you plant colorful flowers and leaves in your garden, this will bring a lot of happiness and it will enhance the look of your yard and neighborhood. The mix of these different colors will surely be pleasing to the eyes of your households and neighbors as well.