5 of Vanessa Hudgens’ Best Beauty& Skincare Tips

Vanessa Hudgens is gorgeous – and not only does she always look radiant, but she puts her own bohemian inspired twist on it that makes it look so effortless. Sharing her best beauty and skincare tips, Vanessa has revealed her secrets for maintaining beautiful skin and shared some of the products she turns to when she wants to look her best. Vanessa confesses that she is addicted to mascara and can’t stop layering it up, while she turns to simple essential oils when she wants to unwind before a big interview. Here are her great tips!


  1. She Aims for Clear Skin

Vanessa knows good skin is key: “Over the years, I have worked with some of the best makeup artists in Hollywood who all say that the key to a beautiful look starts with beautiful clear skin, which is the foundation for any great look. This is why it is so important to take care of your skin as it shows through regardless of what you put on top.No matter how rushed I am in the morning or tired at the end of the day, I always make sure to wash my face before going to sleep.”