5 of Lupita Nyong’o’s Best Beauty& Makeup Secrets


  1. She Loves Bright Nails

She loves bright nails but also gives her nails time without polish too: “A nail is a great place to have a bright color and add dynamism to your look. Right now I’m wearing Lancôme’s blue Marine Chic. A soft pink nude polish is good too. It’s also very important for me to give my nails a break from polish every couple of days. I have very strong nails, but they need the sun.”


  1. Her Lip Liner Secret

She picked up a great lip liner trick from a makeup artist: “I had always been confused about how and why to use lip liner. [Makeup artist] Nick Barose taught me to match my lip liner not to my lipstick but to my skin tone. It frames the lip, and lipstick seems to stay on longer.”