5 of Jerry Hall’s Best Beauty Tips for Ageing Gracefully

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Supermodel Jerry Hall has aged so gracefully and now aged 58, still has bouncy blonde locks and gorgeous skin – so what are her secrets for growing old and staying beautiful? Jerry is firmly against botox and has vowed never to go under the knife to turn back the clock on her appearance, opting to age as nature has intended. Jerry thinks natural products are best and always opts for simple skincare. She also has a special trick for keeping her hair gorgeous that she does weekly to repair damage. Here are her top beauty tips!


  1. Skip Botox

5 of Jerry Hall's Best Beauty Tips for Ageing Gracefully_1

Jerry believes ageing naturally is the way to go: “Everything is water off a duck’s back. It is something that happens with age – I am not bothered about anything. What will happen will happen. I am very against [Botox]. I think it looks silly – people with mean-looking eyebrows!”