5 of Jennifer Lopez’s Top Makeup, Skin & Beauty Secrets

Posted by admin on October 14th, 2017

  1. She Uses Self-Tan

She stays out of the sun to prevent pre-mature ageing and wears bronzer instead: “The number one beauty tip Scott Barnes [her makeup artist] has taught me is to stay out of the sun. We’ve always worked with bronzers and self-tanners instead. It’s been over 10 years now that Scott has been telling me to stay out of the sun and it has saved my skin.” 

  1. She Wears Highlighter Under Her Foundation

Jennifer’s makeup artist applies highlighter before a layer of foundation to create a glow: “I use highlighter before foundation for that glow that looks like it comes from within. Full coverage foundation can look a little dull or matte. With highlighter underneath it gives a really naturally looking glow.”

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