5 of Jaime King’s Best Makeup & Beauty Secrets


  1. She Focuses on Great Skin

She uses several products on her skin to keep it looking great: “I’m avid about face serums, face moisturizers, and face washing. That’s definitely something I learned from my mother. I use Elemental Herbology face wash. It’s the only thing that will literally take everything off of my skin without having to scrub, scrub, scrub.” 

  1. Her Homemade Treatments

Jaime has plenty of homemade beauty secrets: “Take olive oil and sugar and a great essential oil and rub it all on your skin as an exfoliator. Another simple one would be to run a hot bath, put in some Epsom salt from your local drugstore, and add some aromatherapy. I think it’s important that women know you don’t have to have a gazillion dollars to feel or look beautiful.”