5 of Diane Kruger’s Best Makeup Tips& Tricks

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There is something special about Diane Kruger – her style is so effortlessly chic and whenever she steps on to the red carpet, she looks nothing short of flawless. The model-turned-actress has shared some of her top makeup tips and tricks to getting a natural looking, flawless face. Sharing her personal tips for makeup application, Diane’s secrets are easy to copy and try out, and while she places a focus on looking natural and glowing, Diane also proves she isn’t afraid to transform herself and give other looks a try too. 

  1. She Applies Products With Her Fingers

She believes using fingers to apply makeup looks more natural: “I use my fingers, especially to apply foundation and concealer. I never understand makeup artists who only use sponges and brushes. Cosmetics need to be worked into the skin in order to look natural. I also prefer a fuller brow, so I pluck just the tiniest bit of hair. It gives the face character and really pulls your whole look together.”

  1. She Never Leaves Home Without Concealer

She thinks skin is most important to get right and she always has a concealer with her: “The one thing I always travel with is my concealer. No matter what I do – whether it’s playing up my eyes or creating a bold lip – the skin is the most important thing. It has to look flawless and have an even tone.” 

  1. She Emphasizes Her Eyes

She usually adds focus to her lashes and brows, while paying attention to her skintone: “I have fair skin and blonde hair so I have to keep in mind that some looks can make me seem washed out. But I usually go all out on lashes and eyebrows.”

  1. She Enjoys Transforming Her Look

She loves changing her image by using makeup: “I’m a huge fan of the smoky eye but I also like a fresh and natural look, so it just depends on my mood. It’s the transformation that interests me, and before going out I’ll ask myself “Which woman do I want to be tonight?” 

  1. She Wants to Look Like Herself

Diane believes too much makeup makes her look like someone else, and she wants to be herself, which is why she does her own makeup even for events: “I used to have my make-up done, but I would look at pictures and not recognise myself. I want to look like myself. Even though it’s a special occasion, I still want to look like me; I don’t want to be this done-up doll. I think that too much make-up takes away from your individuality. Luckily, I love make-up and I used to model, so I feel confident doing it myself.”