5 of Chrissy Teigen’s Top Beauty Secrets

American model Chrissy Teigen is always so beautiful, be it on the red carpet, posing for magazine shots or just out with husband John Legend. The famous face has an amazing complexion that is always glowing, and she is very passionate about looking after her visage. The model has shared some of her best beauty secrets, revealing how she keeps her skin looking amazing, even when she’s travelling frequently. From makeup secrets to skincare favourites, Chrissy has shared how she takes care of herself and boosts her radiance.


  1. She Avoids Drying Her Skin Out

Chrissy doesn’t like to use too many treatments as it can dry out her skin: “My skin is on display more than anything else. I used to get a ton of facials and I realized it was drying me out. If I have a huge shoot the next day, that’s the only time I’m washing my face, really. The worst thing you can do for sensitive skin is overdo it.”