5 of Cheryl Fernandez-Versini’s Best Makeup, Hair & Skin Tips

Posted by admin on July 16th, 2017

British singer and ‘X Factor’ judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini is an effortless beauty who always glows on the red carpet, at events or just spotted on the street. As a brand ambassador for L’Oreal, Cheryl knows how to take care of her skin and when it comes to makeup, she likes to place an emphasis on her striking eyes. Here are some of her best makeup, hair and skin tips that keep her looking beautiful, even when she’s on the go with minimal time to look after herself. 

  1. She Gently Exfoliates Regularly

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Cheryl uses a gentle exfoliating cleanser twice daily: “Even if you don’t wear loads of make-up, you wear a little bit of mascara, it’s important to remove all the dirt and grime you’ve collected throughout the day. I’ve used the same cleanser for ten years, it’s got a little exfoliating grit in it. I think that’s the key, just a little bit of exfoliating takes the debris away I suppose.”


  1. She Wears Light Makeup

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Cheryl doesn’t like smothering her skin in too many products: “Also, don’t mask blemishes with layers of foundation, it isn’t going to help. It will make it worse if anything. So use something with light coverage like L’Oreal’s new Skin Perfection BB Cream.” 

  1. She Layers on Mascara

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She layers on mascara and focuses on each lash: “When I’m putting on my mascara I try to get every single eyelash, even the tiny little ones in the corner because it makes you look like you’ve got a fuller eye.” 

  1. She Uses Hair Masques

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She uses hair masques to boost her shiny locks: “I do hair masques because I want it to be shiny and glossy, but I don’t go crazy. If you do too much, you can end up with a disaster. One time I came out in a rash because I was trying to put on about 20 products and I had a reaction.” 

  1. She Ditches Makeup While on the Move

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Cheryl takes off her makeup before flying and stays hydrated: “I always take my make-up off before a flight. I always apply serum to stop my skin getting really dry. I always try to drink lots of water, but if someone offers me a tea I just can’t say no. I always rely on eyeliner and lip gloss.”

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